Data Backup and Recovery

  • Secure your data, don’t let your work flow stop
  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Data Recovery Solutions
  • Ensuring Server Security
  • Cloud and Hybrid Backup Services
  • Backup Software Implementation
  • Local Backup Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery

Secure your data, don’t let your work flow stop

If companies don’t take serious precautions to secure their servers, they abandon themselves open to possibly wrecking data loss. A single cyber-attack or system hardware mishap by any reason is enough for a big disaster in an organization.
Technoversal Canada INC. deploys entrenched data backup and recovery solutions for an extensive array of big enterprise framework, ensuring robust, adaptable and dynamically maintained data shields.

as a Service

Our professionals execute Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster recuperation arrangements that automate complete, incremental, differential, reflect, and nonstop back up for extensive datasets. We set up on-premises, local, cloud, and hybrid frameworks with dynamic reinforcement solution for document, object, database and picture storage setups. Our SLAs guarantee firm Recovery Point and Time Objectives and data maintenance measures.

Recovery Solutions

Every single basic framework are thoroughly evaluated and potential dangers distinguished before we set up a disaster recuperation plan that will guarantee constrained downtime and full information integrity. We actualize recovery ways by means of the cloud, mounted drives and local customers, utilizing forming, rollback, RAID assurance, information reduplication, change administration and synchronize store procedures.

Server Security

To preemptively shield your frameworks from cyber attacks, we utilize supported susceptibility scans, change recognition, SSL/AES encryptions, multi-threaded transport, and information compression functionality. All our reinforcement frameworks agree to industry models. We likewise guarantee that any server farms we work with are SSAE-16 Type II and SOC 1 consistent.

Cloud and Hybrid Backup Services

We create cloud-based reinforcement arrangements housed in restrictive off-site server farms, collocation offices or a hybrid mix of servers. Our custom backup programming designers have experience working with open and private cloud foundations, and in addition cloud-to-cloud administrations. We additionally build up strong information chronicling, neighborhood access and firewall administration control boards for all cloud servers.

Backup Software Implementation

We actualize backup solution for all mainstream operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and many distributed storage and platform virtualization software frameworks,. We help to configure and implement driving enterprise backup frameworks from Amazon Web Services (AWS), ESET, Azure, Acronis, Carbonite, CloudBerry, Cobian, and some more.

Local Backup Solutions

For customary on-premises arrangements, we work with an assortment of local backup appliances, magnetic tape servers, virtual tape drive libraries and disk backup frameworks. We additionally offer data migration and server re-designing services for enhance and supplant tape backups, on location tape libraries, and offsite server farm chronicling administrations to enhance the durability, versatility, and cost proficiency of your frameworks.

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